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Since UGG boots are expensive raw materials are produced in Australia made into the whole lambskin, fur, that is peeled off from the sheep’s wool with sheepskin, after making the hair side is the shoes, skin side with the vamp. The sole also has a special structure, even by UGG boots production plant ex-factory price will not be too low.
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Genuine UGG boots, color is very positive, and the color and the outside color plush interior is the same.

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Touch surface is quite soft and delicate, shoes is also more delicate fine. Very neatly inside the plush, length of uniform density, feel very soft and comfortable, very comfortable light wearing. It is important to wear after will feel light, no sense of weight. Quite warm.
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Shoes configuration

1, sewn inside the washing also marked (above style, name, number, material, code number, origin, etc.) boots
2, the box affixed to the side code standard (above marked with style name, number, color, code number, men’s or women’s)
3, a pair of shoes to be consistent, the color pattern to be consistent, toe length, the latter to help low to be consistent.
4. Uppers sewing lines are basically the same, no jumpers, missing pin, disconnected.
5, inside and outside shoes clean, smooth, no shrinkage.
6, ‘R’ logo on registration UGG snow footwear bottom and must have UGG brand.
7 UGG snow boots trademark of traditional shoes in the heel (UGG trademark) slippers, shoes, home trademark machine printed on the shoe leather.
8, all the UGG brand products are handmade works

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