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Characteristics of natural leather is superior to other materials,it is flexible, breathable, abrasion, folding, beautiful and it is necessary to help feed grade leather shoes. Its characteristics are:

1, natural leather parts of the pros and cons very different. Since the skin in different parts of the animal body functions, generation, development is also different, their different ministries after finished leather fiber structure, density, tear out sheet strength are different. In particular, perception, hand extended, flex resistance and processing properties are different.
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2, parts of fiber (silk pattern) structure has directionality. Different parts of each leather, fiber to differ. When the leather is stretched effects in different parts of different elongation. Some force different rate, elongation is different, and differ greatly.

3, having an air permeability. This feature enables the wearer’s sweat, discharged to the outside of the shoe cavity so that the wearer feel comfortable.
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4, good heat resistance, cold resistance.

5, wear resistance, stamping performance, and has easy processing properties.
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6, soft leather, tough, yet flexible and flex resistance. Adapted to the physiological needs.

7, beautiful, and has easy modification, modeling performance.
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